Sooo, we recently learned that TODAY (July 15th) is National Give Something Away Day. The message behind this day is in the name: give something. Give back!


There are many ways that you can give something away today (and every day). You can give away your time, whether that be to a friend or family member in need, a cause you volunteer for, or a stressed-out coworker. You can also give away some of your extra resources by donating to a cause close to your heart, or donating items to a charity in need.

Healing Hands regularly gives back every month of the year. However, we don’t just give back to those in need. We also give back to YOU.


We want to support you – our community – during these stressful times. There is a lot of uncertainty and tension in the world at the moment, and we want to do our part to help you destress and unwind. And that is where our All-Inclusive Massage comes in. We’ve gotten rid of the tiered pricing model that most spas use, so we can make your experience as hassle-free as possible.

When you receive a massage at our studio, you can truly relax knowing that you won’t be paying a different price for the massage you want than you would for the massage you need. Our all-inclusive massage means that you only pay for the time that you’re on the table. Outside of that, we give away the rest. Deep tissue? No problem. Hot stones? Right away. Stretching or cupping? Here we go! There are no upcharges. This is our way of giving back to you, and creating the most relaxing therapeutic massage we possibly can for you.


By the way, we gave away something else in our first blog this month too… *wink*