Work can be stressful…stress is bad for you…what’s a gal (or gent) to do? The key is…relax. “But I’m at work!” you say. “I don’t think my employer wants me sitting around…relaxing.”  
True, for the record. Probably not.
However, here are some sneakyways to relax and clear your mind at work – and each one takes only five minutes. That’s time for just enough relaxation to allow you to gain renewed focus for your next task!
1.    Drink a cup of tea: this one doesn’t take any time away from your work. You can easily sip on a cup of tea while you work.  But not just any tea; here are some options that are all known to work well against stress and anxiety.
2.    Take a quick walk around the office (or even up the stairs!): as awesome as you are, you won’t be missed if you take five minutes to clear your head. This is also a great way to get some extra movement in your day.
3.    “Forget” something in your car: similar to #2, this necessitates a brief walk. However, this has the added bonus of getting you some fresh air, which will help clear your head even more.
4.    Take a mindfulness break: alternatively, if you don’t want to go anywhere, just take five minutes to be fully with yourself and practice mindfulness. This can be as basic as some simple breath work! Hopefully no one will interrupt.
5.    Keep a pocket journal: bring a journal with you to work. It can be a small notebook that fits in your coat pocket, handbag, binder, etc. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, take five minutes and write.
You’d be surprised how much just five minutes of relaxing will benefit your stress levels, productivity, and overall wellbeing at work!
If you’re looking for a less sneaky and more relaxing way to practice mindfulness and destress at work, check out our corporate wellness classes.
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