As we all know, desk jobs can be HARD on your body. Many hours of sitting, coupled with uncomfortable chairs and awkward desk setups can make for some very tight muscles at the end of the week…which is why we recommend stretching every day. Don’t worry though, if one of our Stretch Therapists is not on-site when you’re feeling tense, you don’t need to go do the splits in the breakroom! There are plenty of simple stretches you can do from the comfort of your desk/cubicle.
You’ll want to focus on areas that commonly get tight throughout the workday, as well as any of the areas that tend to be tight for you personally. The most common of these being: hamstrings, lower back, glutes, wrist flexors/extensors, and neck!
Hamstrings: There are two ways to do this one: either sit on the edge of a chair and extend your leg (with only the heel touching the ground and toes pointing up) and lean forward until you feel a stretch, or you may do it standing by propping your leg up on your chair. We suggest the standing stretch like this.
Glutes/Lower Back: While seated, place one ankle over the opposing knee (creating a figure 4), and place your hands behind your head. Slowly lean forward while keeping a straight spine until you feel a stretch in your back and glutes. Repeat on the other side. For an added bonus, cross your legs and perform rotations, like so!
Wrist Flexors/Extensors: Extend your arm in front of you and bend your wrist so your palm is facing up and bend your wrist towards the floor, use your other hand to pull your wrist back further until you feel a stretch. Then, perform the same movement only this time palms facing down, so you feel a stretch in your forearms.
Neck: Aim to bring your ear towards your shoulder, and use your hand to softly push your head further until you feel a stretch. Repeat on both sides!
These are all stretches you’re able to do from the comfort of your desk. However, if you want to truly give your body the best care possible and release all your tight areas, check out our yoga classes and stretch therapy sessions via our corporate wellness program.