Chances are, you’ve seen a bodybuilder at your local gym (or one of your favorite Olympic athletes) sporting what look like large, symmetrical, and very round bruises. These are actually cupping marks. Cupping is popular in the fitness scene as a muscle recovery tool. But for the average joe like you and I who just wants to stay healthy and look and feel good, is there any benefit to cupping?
YES! Especially as an office worker.
This study showed that cupping therapy was effective at reducing chronic neck and shoulder pain in individuals who self-reported it. The best part is, the study was exclusive to people who worked at least 40 hours a week and had work-related neck and shoulder pain. After all, it isn’t just athletes who get tight and stiff muscles. Any repeated stress on a muscle will cause this, such as…sitting for hours with poor posture!
This studyshowed less pain and greater flexibility after cupping therapy in people with chronic back pain. Additionally, this meta-analysis (basically a study of studies) also presented promising results for cupping as a treatment for back pain.
So…the evidence is in. While research does not currently support cupping as an effective treatment for more serious musculoskeletal, digestive, or other conditions (it’s been touted as a magical cure for anything from acne to lung cancer), there is strong evidence for it as a pain relief tool that aids in muscle tightness and pain.
Unfortunately for office workers, the duties of our job may leave us in less than ideal ergonomic conditions. However, we are here to help! Book an appointment today to experience a unique blend of cupping combined with deep tissue massage for an incredible release of tight or sore muscles as part of our deep tissue options.
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