The Ultimate
Guide to A Healthy Workday: Part 2
Last week, we published Part 1 to
this post.  So if you missed that, make
sure to go check it out.  In it, we
discussed the beginning steps to being healthier at work.  Today, we’re giving you the rest of our BEST
(and easiest) tips, so that you can conquer that workday and feel good about
yourself in the process:
Drink enough water – This equates to around 9-13 cups (depending on gender and other factors), plus more
depending on activity levels.  Overall,
just make sure to trust your thirst.  It’s
there for a reason.  Plus, since more
water = more trips to the bathroom, use that time to work on the next tip below…


Take the stairs – The odds are that you’re pretty sedentary for most of your workday.  Counteract this by doing things like taking
the stairs, parking far away from your door, walking around on your lunch
breaks, taking phone calls while standing/walking, etc.  Every little bit of movement contributes to
our general health, and can even help with weight loss!  Look into a concept called
NEAT (non-exercise
activity thermogenesis) to see how even small energy expenditures add up.
Maintain good posture – We know sitting for long periods of time is bad for you.  However, sitting for at least some
long periods of time is downright inevitable in today’s workplace.  Making sure you’re sitting correctly when
you have to do so can make a big difference to how you feel day to day.  Check out
this article for an in-depth guide to posture at work.
Limit Caffeine – When work gets boring and you need a break or a boost, it’s easy to see
the endless supply of caffeine available at most offices as a blessing.  However, caffeine can interrupt your sleep and
increase your stress hormones, neither of which you need more of!  Instead, try drinking cold water to give
yourself a boost, and limit your caffeine to 1-2 cups a day.


Take frequent short breaks – Taking short quick breaks from work will keep you
more productive in the long run and is a great way to accomplish all the other
tips!  On your 10-15 minute breaks, take
a quick walk around the building, drink some water to stay hydrated, or even
practice a few minutes of mindfulness.
All the tips we’ve
provided you with will set you up for a MUCH healthier day at work.  The one thing that’s missing is
stretching and with that, we’ve got you covered with our corporate yoga classes!
This is one of the components of our corporate wellness programs that
include several ways to exercise at work and leave you with a well-rounded
healthy lifestyle.


If your office does
not have such a program in place, please contact us.  We will be happy to provide information
regarding pricing and the many benefits
of workplace yoga.  Namaste!
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