As a working professional, it
can admittedly be very difficult to manage your health.
 With long days made even longer by long
commutes, it’s easy to feel like your whole day is gone in a flash and your
energy with it.
 However, there are
some steps you can take to be physically and mentally healthier at work.
 While you still want to make sure you’re
getting in those workouts and eating healthy, these steps are a phenomenal
start to living a healthier lifestyle, and they’re all things you can start
doing TODAY.
Wake up one hour earlier – Okay, so this one isn’t technically at work.  But it will make a world of a difference to
your work life.  Instead of snoozing your
alarm up to the last possible second, practice waking up 10, 15, 30 minutes earlier
each day until you manage to consistently wake up one full hour earlier than
you need to each day.  With this hour,
you can enjoy an unhurried morning that you can use to have a healthy, filling
breakfast, maybe sneak in a quick workout, and enjoy some time to yourself to
mindfulness.  This will start your day on the
right note instead of on a rushed and stressed note.


Pack your lunch – Not only will this save you tremendous amounts of money in the long run, but it’s also the
easiest meal to prepare for, and will take away the temptation to order unhealthy
fast food.  Making a protein-packed
sandwich with a side of fruits and veggies the day before will take you maybe
15 minutes but it will save you money, calories, and time at work.  By not going out to buy lunch you’re free to
enjoy your healthy lunch at your leisure, maybe outside in the fresh air.
Practice mindfulness – This one doesn’t need much of an explanation.  The workplace is often associated with stress
and hours spent zoning out in front of your computer.  By practicing mindfulness, you can calm your
mind and become not only more present, but also more productive.  Here are some mindfulness
ideas specific
to the workplace.


In the coming
week, practice these tips and pay attention to how much better you feel.  By the way, if you’re not sure how to
practice mindfulness, let us help you.  We have a great
mindfulness class we offer through our corporate wellness program
that will leave you with tips you can do all day.
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