We’re probably all familiar with
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. A lesser known theory of motivation (the ERG theory) offers a much more condensed version of basic human needs. The
importance of human needs as it relates to an employee or employer is that people
will not be motivated to work if their needs are not met.
This is the basic
theory behind pay; offer a reward to meet the need of an employee.
That said, we’ve created a guide
to meeting your needs and therefore creating motivation at work:  
1.    Meeting existence needs: This means all the physiological and
material needs a person may have including food, water, shelter, and safety.
You can help meet these needs at work by focusing on an ergonomically friendly
work environment. Check out
this article for super detailed suggestions. As an employee, you can take breaks to
walk around, stretch, and make sure to stay hydrated and eat healthy foods. As
an employer, you can invest in standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and even
healthy food to stock the company fridge.





2.    Meeting relatedness needs: Human beings have a need for
connection and inclusion. As an employee, you can focus on making connections
with your coworkers by taking your lunch break together, or even partaking in
some healthy group activities (like our mindfulness classes). As an employer,
you can encourage employees to connect and work with each other (our
group exercise classes meet both existence and relatedness needs!).
3.    Meeting growth needs: Basically, we want to do things that
matter, and we want to be better. That really sums up the need for growth. As
an employee, if your workplace can make you feel like you’re becoming a better you,
then you’ll probably love your job. As an employer, this is the need you can
most help with.
By providing opportunities and recognition for growth, you will
motivate your employees more than any paycheck can.
This is why our corporate wellness program is so crucial. Our job is to
make your job better. We offer several services that will not only allow
employees to connect with each other but connect with their better selves as



So, whether you’re
an employer or an employee, talk to us today about how we can help meet your
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