Happy [almost] July!  As the “dog days of summer” approach, and we’re all
experiencing the
summer slump,
we thought it would be a good idea to remind you of a little trick we have up
our sleeve that helps us enjoy work refreshed and rejuvenated in both our minds
and bodies: office yoga.
Here’s the thing: regular yoga
is amazing already.  But yoga at work?
Now that’s a powerhouse of
benefits that goes well beyond your evening or weekend yoga class.  The yoga we provide through our corporate
wellness program is specific to the workplace, meaning it focuses on
techniques you can implement even while sitting at your desk.
So why do office yoga?  Because it works.  And here’s why:
It just might be more fun than regular yoga – yes.
 Work can be fun!  Think about it: you’re doing an activity that
is already relaxing and good for you.  Except
now you’re doing it around people you already know.  This means you’ll instantly feel more
comfortable and be able to relax and ask questions.  This way you’ll get even more out of office
yoga than you would out of a regular class.
Office yoga leaves you refreshed – a good instructor
will focus
on relieving tightness from areas that receive
overuse during the workday, and strengthening muscles that don’t get enough use.  By learning to engage and
strengthen your core through techniques that can be used even at your
desk, and stretching hamstrings that become tight after several hours of
sitting, you are more likely to feel refreshed at the end of a workday instead
of tight and tired.
It reduces stress and increases focus
and keep in mind that a happier and more productive you is going to look a
whole lot better come promotion season than a tired and unfocused you!  
show that brief distractions from a task can actually improve focus on said
task.  What better way to distract
yourself for a little while than doing something your body will thank you for?



We know (and your employer
knows) you already take breaks from work.  Let us help you level up those breaks through
office yoga program.  Talk to
your employer about bringing us in today!
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