This week on Service Spotlight we’re looking at one of our
services that at first glance might seem a little intimidating: acupuncture.
 Acupuncture is a practice that entails
penetrating the skin with needles in specific areas of the body in order to
provide stimulation that helps alleviate pain and treat various health
Recently, there have been numerous studies on this ancient
Chinese practice
that prove acupuncture is a powerful way to
treat pain and nausea.  A recent
that acupuncture is effective for managing chronic pain.  
Interestingly enough, scientists don’t really understand
how or why acupuncture works, even though the evidence that it does work continues to build.  There are multiple hypotheses, spelled out in
article.  However, the one consensus is that
it is not a placebo effect.  For a
detailed (and science-loaded) explanation of the effects of acupuncture on the
body as well as a detailed overview of why it may be beneficial as an
alternative treatment as opposed to overused and unwarranted medical practices,
check out
One area of interest to all of you working professionals
may be the evidence that acupuncture helps alleviate lower back pain…one of the
most common grievances of office
workers today.  Sadly, sitting all day
can wreak havoc on our body.  In
addition, headaches are another super
common complaint (due to our high-stress lives) that can be effectively treated
through acupuncture.  Hooray!
Of course, we can’t forget stress.
If you are a professional in the modern-day world, chances
are you have high levels of stress.  But
guess what?  Stress is yet another
condition that acupuncture has been shown to help, and we’re happy to bring the
solution right to the source of the problem (i.e., your workplace!).
Through our corporate wellness programs, we offer both
individual and group acupuncture services. 
The best part?  If you’re
apprehensive about needles, we have something for you too!  Ear seeds and/or acupressure can be used to achieve
similar results.  
Have you ever had acupuncture done?  Let us know in the comments how you liked it!  And talk to your employer about setting up an acupuncture
for your team to relieve some of that modern-day stress.
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