It’s the season of gifts.  As mentioned in a previous
blog post
this can be a huge source of stress for some during the
 But it really doesn’t have to
 Here are some tips and tricks to keep
in mind that will make it a lot easier to come up with several great options
for everyone on your holiday shopping list:
1.    Ramp up your listening skills around this
time of year.
 If you
really listen to someone, chances are by the end of a couple conversations they’ll
already have mentioned either a problem they have, or something they’ve been
eyeing!  This is your cue to think: can I
gift them something to help with this problem?
2.    Think about everything you know about the
 Do you know their
favorite snacks?  Their favorite color?  Favorite animal?  A gift that feels personal will remind someone
that you went out of your way to get this for them, and didn’t just pick up a pack of identical “gifts” to
distribute to everyone else.
3.    Just ask.  This
sums up some interesting research on the
variance between the expectations of gift givers and receivers, and advocates
for the simple action of just asking someone what they actually want.  If you’re
close to someone, this could be a viable option!  Just throw in a small little surprise (as
simple as a box of chocolates) to keep it fun and retain that surprise element.
4.    Have a budget for each person on your
 Your Secret Santa
at work probably doesn’t need a lavish gift from you, but your 15-year-old niece,
on the other hand…!
5.    Think outside the box.  Get it?  Like the box
of the gift?  Anyway, instead of focusing
on what is the most expensive, newest thing
you can get someone, why not get them an experience instead?  Studies
show that gift receivers are more focused on the practicality or use they will
get out of the gift, while gift givers are more concerned about the moment of
the exchange.  Research
also says experiential gifts are also more effective at improving relationships
between gift givers and receivers!  A
great option for this kind of gift is always a massage.
There you have it! Using these tips, you can streamline
your holiday shopping and put a smile on the faces of everyone on your list.
Happy gift-giving!
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