Have you ever had a goal of
making a positive lifestyle change? One that you
really want to accomplish…but you just can’t seem to make it
happen? Chances are the answer is yes. The problem here is that most people
think it takes pure self-control and willpower to make a change happen.
However, that is far from the
truth. Willpower is a finite resource,
and self-control depletes it. So if you’re relying on self-control to make your
desired changes, chances are it won’t get you very far for very long.
Not to worry. There are other
tools at your disposal:
: the concept behind stimulus control is that
people respond in a certain way to the presence or the absence of a stimulus, which can promote or
inhibit a behavior. So for example, if you’re looking to cut down on junk food,
remove it from your home. This way instead of relying on self-control, you can
rely on being too lazy to go to the store to buy some! Conversely, if you’re
looking to make it to the gym after work, keep your gym bag in your car with
everything you need in the passenger seat (where you can see it).

with small incremental changes
: a common mistake is to try
to do too much too fast. While
there’s nothing wrong with ambitiousness, think about it; if you currently
struggle with being active, which are you more likely to do consistently for the next month – get to
the gym 6 times in one week, or once a week? The key here is to start with ONE
goal so small you can easily commit and adhere to it, then work up from there
to avoid becoming discouraged or giving up.
a specific and actionable plan
: Let’s say your goal is to
make time for yourself on the weekends so that you can go into work feeling
refreshed. Plan ahead to achieve that goal. Schedule that massage
a week in advance and make sure the babysitter is available so that once the
weekend rolls around you’re all ready to go.

The goal here is to make that
lifestyle change into a habit. By
combining these strategies you’re able to remove willpower from the equation
and make lasting change – pain-free!
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