We live in an increasingly interconnected world. In the age of artificial intelligence, social media, smart phones and email, the world never sleeps (and it seems, neither do we). We are in a state of constant engagement and stimulation. In fact, we have coined several new phrases to encompass our concerns; the importance of “disconnecting” or “unplugging”, the need for “recharging”, and “getting off the grid.”
Notice a trend?
These phrases are disconcerting metaphors that liken us to a piece of technology that is running out of battery and whose system is overloaded and in dire need of powering off. Yet despite this, we’re still throwing around a phrase that indicates a distinction in our lives that is no longer present; “work-life balance”.
Our newfound state of constant connection effectively renders this phrase outdated. There is no longer a separation between your life and your work, and continuing to think that way is problematic and stressful. Instead of focusing on separating all the different components of our life – relationships, wellness, hobbies – and giving each their due attention, why not attempt to integrate them?
At Healing Hands, we propose a new term: whole-life balance.
So where to start? Personal wellness! By prioritizing your physical and mental health – both at work and out of work – you are priming yourself for success in all areas. Embracing the idea of yourself as a complete individual and adopting a dual-centric approach to life (as opposed to work-centric or non-work centric) has been shown by researchto lead to higher performance levels at work as well as greater overall satisfaction.
Simple changes like skipping an hour of TV a day and opting instead to get in some physical activity or investing in a standing desk, or even a 15 minute chair massage, can all come together to leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.
We only get one life, so we might as well start living our best life! By provoking a change in our mindsets that advocates viewing all our different ticking parts as one interconnected whole, we may stop feeling the need to disconnect, and instead opt to reconnect.
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