Technology has become increasingly common in massage therapy, offering a variety of benefits that make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable for the client. The use of technology in the massage industry can make the experience more enjoyable and effective, allowing clients to get the most out of their massage session.

These are some of the most popular technological devices used in the massage industry:

massage gun

  1. Electric Massage Tables: Electric massage tables are a great way to provide a comfortable and therapeutic massage experience. The height of the table is adjustable, allowing the massage therapist to accommodate it for his/her comfort – an important consideration when working on clients, empowering the therapist to provide the best massage techniques without causing injury to their own bodies.
  2. Massage Gun: Massage guns are a great addition to any massage therapist’s toolkit. They are used to add vibration to the body to help release tight muscles faster and more effectively, or to improve circulation in a specific area that was injured. hot towels
  3. Warmers for Massage Oil and Towels: Massage oil warmers are great. These devices help keep the oil warm, so it feels more comfortable when coming into contact with the client’s body. The towel warmers are an excellent tool as well; adding a hot towel at the end of the massage to wipe off any excess oil feels wonderful!
  4. Heated Massage Tables: The warmth helps to relax the muscles and also gently boosts circulation in the body, both of which make the massage more enjoyable.
  5. Online Booking Software: Although we are only a phone call away, many clients prefer the convenience of booking their massages themselves online.  The process is often faster and it can be done at any time, long after we stop answering the phones and go to bed!


Technology is a great asset for massage therapists to help them provide the best possible services and therapies to their clients! We can proudly say that Healing Hands has all of these devices and more that will enhance your massage experience and take it to the next level.