If you’ve been to Healing Hands, you already know we give a true 60-minute hour of massage and we don’t charge extra for any add-ons – including hot stones, deep tissue, aromatherapy, therapeutic stretching, etc. It’s the basis of our massage philosophy. But, what are all the types of therapies that we have to offer?


Swedish massage

Swedish Massage:

What it’s best for: relaxation, de-stressing mind and body

Technique: smooth, long movements with light to medium pressure

Results: less tension, very relaxed


Hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage: (NOTE: at Healing Hands, we use reusable heat packs)

What it’s best for: helping tight muscles relax, plus they feel amazing!

Technique: stones can be moved around the body or left in place for the heat to penetrate deeply into the muscle fibers

Results: the heat promotes intense relaxation and helps soften the muscles on a deep level without the use of deep pressure


Deep tissue massage

Deep Tissue Massage:

What it’s best for: pain relief; really working out the knots

Technique: slow, deliberate movements that focus on the layers where muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues meet

Results: a reduction of chronic patterns of tension in the body; assistance in the healing process of muscular injuries




What it’s best for: heightening the body’s senses

Technique: at Healing Hands, we start with a few deep breaths of calming lavender; when we turn the client face-up we have them breathe eucalyptus to help clear their sinuses; we end the session with invigorating peppermint

Results: when you inhale the essential oils, your brain creates calming neurochemicals and your body floods with relaxing hormones


Therapeutic stretching

Therapeutic Stretching:

What it’s best for: improving overall flexibility and preventing injury, reducing stress and anxiety

Technique: the muscles and surrounding tissue are gradually lengthened using specific stretching techniques

Results: increased flexibility and range of motion, reduction of chronic muscle pain


Cupping therapy

Cupping Therapy:

What it’s best for: reaching deep knots; stimulating blood and lymph, oxygenating the muscle tissue

Technique: cups can either be placed on the skin for several minutes, using medium to deep suction to create a vacuum effect (stationary cupping), or moved slowly along the body’s lymphatic channels, using light to medium suction as they are moved (lymphatic cupping)

Results: toxins flush out of the deeper muscle layers which promotes recovery and repair


Prenatal massagePrenatal Massage:

What it’s best for: helping the body adjust to the developing fetus; reducing stress and edema

Technique: performed in the side-lying position; may include gentle stretches

Results: a more relaxed and happy mom-to-be!


Now that you know more about different types of massage and their benefits, you will be empowered to choose the one(s) that will help you the most – at no additional cost. See you soon for your next visit!