We have great news for you: yes it does! After you’ve finished your happy dance, read on to understand how and why this is possible.

January is the month where many people resolve to start living healthier lifestyles. In fact, “improving my health” is one of the most popular resolutions people make in the new year.


With that said, there are a lot of people:

  • Eating healthier
  • Exercising and meditating more
  • Joining gyms and fitness classes
  • Cutting down on habits such as smoking or drinking

That’s awesome! We love a healthier version of you. We also have great news:


woman getting massage

  • Massage therapy helps relieve muscular pain after an intense workout. Especially if you request a sports massage, which uses deeper pressure and lots of stretching. This helps release the lactic acid that the body secretes when we exercise. Bringing freshly oxygenated and nutrient-dense blood to sore areas also helps with the healing process of the tissues.

*Extra tip: The recovery and tissue healing happens mostly while we are sleeping, so make sure to give yourself a good 8 hours of sleep every night!

  • Massage therapy brings your detoxifying process to the next level. When you are cutting down on drinking/smoking, the body begins to get rid of the toxins that have accumulated in the tissues. Massage, by stimulating the lymphatic system, helps release all those stagnated toxins. You will notice you will go to the bathroom more than usual, and that’s how you are saying goodbye to all those toxins!

*Extra tip: Make sure you also stay very hydrated to make this process easier on your body.

  • Massage therapy also benefits the skin, circulatory system, joints, skeletal system, and nervous system as well as boosting metabolism! We discussed how this happens in last week’s blog.


Now that you have a better idea on how massage helps you get in shape, make sure to book with us after your workouts. Cheers to a healthy 2023!