Don’t we all enjoy an amazing massage? What’s not to love: the experience relaxes you physically, mentally, and spiritually; it leaves you feeling all-around amazing and in a great mood.

Another thing that positively affects your mood is humor. We are experiencing a LOT of that since we are living in the era of Memes. Today we want to combine the best of both worlds with MASSAGE MEMES! We know you’ll enjoy our curated collection:

Just okay

Massage therapists can be a little melodramatic when it comes to client feedback. Just “OK” is not enough!! 😂


Sad pug

The sadness of the end…it was too good to last forever… 😭


Sad cat

Yeah, we know how you feel. 😢 Cut us some slack guys…it happens, we can get sick and have emergencies too…


Get massage more often

UGH! Aren’t we all guilty on this one???


In a rush

^^^Inside joke for the massage therapists out there reading this! This is pretty accurate at the massage chains, but at Healing Hands we schedule a 15-minute gap between clients so we don’t have to rush THAT much!


Not enough, too many

Another meme for the massage therapists out there. We are complicated creatures…


Foot massage?

Wait, that’s not the type of foot massage you meant?? Hmmm…


Massage research

Truth. 100%.


Hopefully these massage memes made your day a little happier. Share them with your friends to make them laugh too, and don’t forget to book your massage!