We don’t know about you, but to us at Healing Hands it’s mind-blowing that the first month of the year is almost halfway over already! With our new year’s resolutions still fresh and our resolve to see them through still firm, we thought it would be a good time to discuss the importance of setting intentions on a regular basis (we like to do it weekly, but the frequency is up to you).

No matter what your intentions are, it’s important to check in regularly with yourself about short-term goals and staying focused on them. This helps you stay grounded, be more motivated, and feel less overwhelmed.

woman burning sage


Intentions are small, simple thoughts – yet they can have a huge impact on your day. We are not talking about big life goals here; intentions are the simple things in our lives that add color and meaning to our personal landscape.



Intentions are one of the most important techniques for using the law of attraction. Gently reminding yourself of short-term goals throughout the day will help keep you positive and focused. In this way, every time you feel like you are about to do the opposite of what your weekly intention is, you are more likely to redirect yourself back to your original intention. For example, if your intention this week is to “Slow Down”, once you see yourself multitasking and starting to rush, you will take a deep breath, remember your intention, and shift back to a slower pace.



Setting intentions can be done through meditation, while taking a yoga or mindfulness class, when lighting a candle or burning some incense/sage, etc. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to do it. The same holds true for the timing: you can set an intention in the morning before going to work, while relaxing in the bath, or right before going to bed. The options are endless – do what works best for you and your lifestyle. The important thing is to concentrate and really mean it.



Intentions can be virtually anything that is a positive reminder of a small goal you’d like to achieve or focus on. Some beautiful weekly intentions could be:


This week I will take the first step

This week I will trust my future is beautiful

This week I will be on my own side

This week I will take a leap of faith

This week I will ask for help when I need it

This week I will slow down


If your intention this week is to relax, why not book a massage with us? No matter what your intention is, remember to stay focused and think HAPPY THOUGHTS! 😊

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