Unfortunately we can’t always make the time to go and get a professional massage (we may be biased, but we think you should make every effort to do so!). It may get even harder now with the return to the office.


However, there is a way you can still be kind to your body and support your wellbeing with massage, even from the comfort (or lack thereof) of your desk. *Drum roll please* We’re talking about… self massage.


Here are 4 cheap and easy to use tools that can elevate your self massage experience from “meh” to “WOW”:


  • TheracaneA theracane is for those who love DEEP tissue massage. Maybe you have knots in your neck from stress, or can’t quite reach that spot on your back. Whatever the case, if you need the pressure and leverage usually only provided by another person, a Theracane will be your best friend.


  • Massage KnobsThis tool is similar to the Theracane in that it also allows for deep tissue massage and pressure. However, this tool may be better for areas with more muscle that aren’t as hard to reach (such as your legs) as it simulates thumb pressure and is meant to be held in the palm of your hand as if to take the place of your own fingers.
  • Scalp MassagerWhereas the theracane and massage knobs are meant for pressure and deep tissue work, the scalp massager is meant for the opposite: very soft, light, relaxing work on your scalp. This is more relaxing than it is therapeutic, and is meant to alleviate stress.


  • Massage BallsFinally, we have massage balls. These are excellent for areas that can handle A LOT of sustained pressure such as the glutes or your feet. To use them, place the ball between the body part you’re attempting to target and a hard surface (like the floor or a wall) and use your own bodyweight to move the ball around and apply sustained pressure. PRO TIP: a tennis ball works just as well, and you probably have one laying around the house right now!

Of course, none of this is nearly as good as coming for a good old fashioned done-for-you massage. However, in a pinch – or in the middle of a long workday – it can be an excellent way to reward yourself, reduce stress, and take a quick break.