Dear COVID-19,


It’s been just about a year since you came in like a wrecking ball as a global pandemic. And what a year it’s been! We thought we’d share where we’ve been in the past year, and where we’re going.


The Good: In 2020, we grew closer as a strong team of wellness professionals with a passion for bringing wellness to the public, and to the workplace. We also created an entirely new online corporate wellness program from scratch in a little under a month, and pivoted our business to focus on that. When we were finally able to reopen our massage studio, we were so happy to welcome back our loyal local clients, and we were grateful to know we had a core team we could rely on even through hardship.


The Bad: This time last year our massage studio was completely locked down. We weren’t allowed to reopen for months, and small businesses like ours were struggling. Our corporate wellness programs were completely halted, as they were all on-site pre-pandemic. The staff of Healing Hands watched in shock as our entire book of business, and all events scheduled through the rest of the year, vanished in the space of just a few days.


Weird Things We’re Now Used To: Our new safety protocols may have seemed strange before the pandemic, but they’re now second nature. We always wear our masks, and ask that you do too. We do extensive sanitation before every appointment, we regularly utilize an air purification system, and we take your temperature (and ours) to make sure everyone is safe. Also, we’re used to manually typing in our passwords instead of using face ID on our phones now, because oh that’s right…the mask.


Lessons Learned: While we like to pride ourselves on giving the best massage in Miami, our true strength is in the community we’ve built. We had some loyal customers keep their massage memberships active even when the studio was completely closed, or buy gift certificates to support their favorite therapists during hard times. In both business and wellness, adaptability is crucial – you can never get too comfortable or set in your ways. Digital wellness was a challenge at first, but now we’re so excited about the possibilities we can offer via the platform that we are developing an even more in-depth program packed with value for our corporate wellness clients that goes beyond anything we’ve done in the past.

We’re close to having weathered this storm, and from the bottom of our hearts we have our loyal customers to thank. Thank you for entrusting us with your wellness needs. And to you, COVID-19, sorry but it’s going to take a lot more than that to knock us down!