No one could have predicted the shape the 2021 workplace would take, but now that it’s here, there are some important emerging trends for employers to be mindful of.


  • Upskilling: Hiring budgets are notoriously small right now. So how do you fill ever-evolving needs with a static workforce? Enter…upskilling. Training and development will become a big emphasis of the HR strategy of many companies, as it’s cheaper to develop a current employee, than to add a new one!


  • Mental Health: Did you know the majority of employees are experiencing burnout while working from home? For most, this is a totally new way of life, and the lines between work and home can be continuously blurred. Couple that with increased feelings of isolation and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. For these reasons, in 2021 the workplace will be placing a BIG emphasis on preserving – and improving – mental health. A business can’t thrive unless its employees do too.


  • Digital Work Culture: Previously, new employees were introduced to their new company by learning the culture their first couple of weeks on the job. However, now that work culture will be largely digital in nature, there are going to be some changes in the way that a new employee gets settled into their new position. There will likely be a less stark difference between one workplace to another, and there may be an easier adjustment period.
  • Emphasis on Diversity: Among other things that made 2020 rocky, diversity issues (or rather the lack of diversity) added stress to the workplace and the world as a whole. Employees are placing a high emphasis on an employer’s commitment to diversity in the workplace as a factor in choosing a job.


So what does this mean for employers? It means we need to find a way to best support our employees in each of these emerging trends. How do we help them learn new skills? We expand our training and development options. How do we help them improve their mental health? We introduce a corporate wellness program that incorporates elements of mental health, and can be attended virtually to enhance the digital workplace culture.

There is always something an employer can do to help make their employees happier, and healthier, no matter the circumstances.