Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? We do! In 2021, we want to share more about what we believe are the 8 dimensions of wellness. Get these down pat, and you’re well on your way to being the best version of yourself, and the healthiest you can be! The 8 dimensions of wellness are as follows:

  1. Physical – Is your body healthy? Are you eating nutritious foods and exercising in an enjoyable way that includes both cardiovascular exercise and strength training?
  2. Financial – Do you understand things like credit, time value of money, and emergency funds? Do you spend less than you earn? Can you make sound and informed financial decisions?
  3. Emotional – How do you feel? Are you able to process and cope with these emotions in a healthy way?
  4. Intellectual – Are you sufficiently mentally stimulated? Challenged? Are you learning new skills? Are you adopting an attitude of curiosity?
  5. Spiritual – Do you have your OWN belief system? Your own core values? Not those of your friends or family but YOURS. Do you honor these?
  6. Social – Are you surrounded by people who make you better? Do you know who to reach out to when you’re in need of encouragement?
  7. Occupational – Do you find meaning and purpose in your work? Are you challenging yourself at your job? Are you advancing in your career? Do you enjoy your time at work?
  8. Environmental – last but not least…what do you surround yourself with? Do you build an environment that supports your goals?


We believe that each and every one of these is important, and that they are all building blocks for true whole-person health. Which is why we have something very exciting in the works for our corporate wellness clients…a brand new program that will address ALL of these.


Stay tuned!