Did you order something LAST month, and still don’t have it? Do you keep refreshing your tracking numbers hoping all your holiday gifts will miraculously be delivered in time?


You’re not alone! All the major mailing services are experiencing unprecedented delays and staff shortages due to the (still) ongoing pandemic. Holiday stress is real during ANY given year, but especially real in 2020.


With that being said, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you about what the holiday season is really about: community, family, friendships, and any other important relationships in your life, including your relationship with yourself.

More importantly, we wanted to remind you HOW to make sure you give your attention to those things that really matter (in a practical way).


Now we’re not saying “don’t get anyone gifts because gifts aren’t the point of holidays”, but we are saying that Amazon a) has enough money and b) isn’t as personal as something you can ONLY get in your community. Think: a specialty cake from the corner bakery, a personalized necklace from the booth at your local farmers market, a Healing Hands Massage, etc.

We’re also not saying “don’t be bummed because you can’t (or shouldn’t) travel to see your family this year”, we’re saying…get creative. Share a recipe, host a virtual game night, send electronic personalized cards, etc. There are a million ways to show your loved ones you miss them, are thinking of them, and are always with them in spirit.


Stay safe, shop local, shop small, and most importantly, find JOY this holiday season!


Our sincerest wishes for a very happy, healthy, and safe holiday season from all of us at Healing Hands. ♥