2020 has been one HECK of a ride. But like grandma always said, every cloud has a silver lining.


Personally, we think of 2020 as one very dark cloud with several silver linings – one of which would be the important lessons it has provided. 2020 clearly showed us what matters, and what doesn’t.


  1. Your health matters: When did effective hand washing become a skill that needed to be taught and a habit that needed to be instilled?


  1. Your employees matter: When did we forget that employees are the backbone of our companies? Without them, the business would crumble. It is an employer’s responsibility to watch out for the mental and physical health of their employees – whether or not they’re working in the same building as you. We help employers show that they care…remotely.


  1. Community matters: When did we forget that one of life’s most beautiful gifts is to be able to hug the people we love? Our family, our friends, our neighbors, the small businesses in our community – they’re what make our lives full, not the things we own or the places we visit. This is why we’re giving back to our community by becoming a Business for Good.



  1. Safety matters: We want to keep living a full life, but we don’t want to take basic safety for granted. This is why we’ve taken extra sanitation precautions in our massage studio to make sure that your massage is not only therapeutic but also safe.


We’ve taken these things for granted for far too long. So, during this last month of what has been a very strange year, why not be grateful for the silver linings and the moments of clarity 2020 has given us, instead of regretting the things it’s taken away?