There is no one personality type that is best suited for leadership positions. As this article states, the only question that can be answered is what personality traits are most present in leadership positions. However, there are skills that are unanimously beneficial in leadership positions and can be developed and worked on over time.

Three of our favorites being:

Communication – Both parts of communication (listening and articulating) are crucial in the workplace in general, but especially among leaders. Leaders must be able to explain tasks and goals, talk to clients, subordinates, and inspire others.


Motivating employees – There are (literally) thousands of books written on the subject of motivating employees. It’s not easy, and simply paying employees enough isn’t going to cut it. There are so many other things that go into properly motivating employees and great leaders never stop learning how to do just that. This article on does a great job of summarizing some key concepts in a succinct way. Among them: offering more challenging work, rewards, and goal-setting.


Positivity – It’s simple: if employees feel that they work in a positive atmosphere, they will be more committed to the job, and more willing to spend many hours of their lives doing the job. The importance of this is that it will get everyone through busy and stressful periods better than an environment of fear, negativity, and punishment.


These three leadership skills are some of our favorites because there are so many ways for managers and employers to practice and develop them. Did you know that offering virtual wellness programs to your employees could help with all three?


Offering a virtual wellness program that was developed by taking your employees’ preferences into account, connects them across a remote work environment and provides a fun way to break up the workday. Our programs help foster a positive environment for you and your employees, motivate the team, and allow you to facilitate communication in the (virtual) office.