While the global pandemic is certainly getting better, it is far from over. Which means that you should still be taking extra precautions in your everyday life. By no means does this mean having to go without your monthly/weekly massage, it just means being a little extra careful about how you get it, where you get it, and knowing what to look for.


  1. Temperature Screening:  Most close-contact businesses are conducting temperature screenings on employees and clients. This simple measure could greatly reduce the spread of COVID. For this reason, we are screening our clients upon arrival in the lobby.
  2. COVID Screening:  There should be some sort of question on your intake form or booking process inquiring about whether you’ve had any close contact with individuals who have tested positive for COVID. Beware of studios that adopt a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy!
  3. PPE:  Make sure the massage therapists will be wearing personal protective equipment. By nature, massage is NOT social-distancing friendly. However, if both the therapist and client are wearing masks, the risk is greatly reduced. Our massage therapists wear masks throughout the entirety of your appointment.
  4. Proper Sanitation Protocols:  As an example, we use an odorless, concentrated hospital-grade cleaner called Activated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP), which kills bacteria AND viruses in 30-60 seconds, the fastest non-bleach contact time available. In addition, our massage therapists use AHP to disinfect the surface of the face cradle rest after each client.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t get a massage even now, after all it’s great for your health. However, you have every reason to make sure you do it safely. Your safety is our priority, so you can rest assured we are taking all of these precautions…and MORE.