2020 is #different. Halloween marks the start of the holiday season, which will also look different than any other year we’ve seen before. 2020 is the year of adaptability. We’ve adapted our businesses, our work life, and our personal life…and even the way we celebrate holidays will have to change. So here are some Covid-friendly ways of celebrating Halloween this year:



Halloween candy displayed – with hand sanitizer: If you want to reduce contact with strangers but still spread the Halloween spirit, consider leaving a bowl of candy at your front door on a table, next to a bottle of hand sanitizer! Even better, separate candy into individual bags so that trick or treaters may simply take one. If you’re working in the office, this might be a good alternative to a shared cake.



Halloween scavenger hunt: If you’re a parent who wants to find a safe way to celebrate with your kids, a great way to do this is to turn Halloween into a fun (and active) game. Go for a walk, and try to find all the items on the list (ghost, witch, spider web, etc). Once all the items have been found, Halloween candy is an excellent reward.


Halloween movie night watch party: This is fun whether you’re celebrating with members of your household or with your coworkers and employees. A virtual watch party or a family movie night filled with snacks is a perfect way to get in the mood for this spooky season.


Pumpkin carving: This one also works just as well whether it’s virtually, at the office, or at home. For extra fun, turn it into a competition and the best pumpkin wins the Halloween candy stash!




We love finding creative ways to help our clients celebrate the holidays. Can anyone say Halloween Zumba?!