The work from home era is great for many reasons. However, the blurring of lines between work and home life is not one of them. For that reason, it’s important to not only prioritize self care but to also learn to be AWARE if you are lacking in it.

Seeing as it’s self care awareness month, we thought we’d give you some ways in which you build and maintain the self care awareness you need:


  1. Pay attention to your sleep patterns – When you’re stressed, sleep is often the first thing to indicate it. You might be sleeping too much, or too little. Whatever the case, if you notice abnormal sleeping patterns, pay attention! Your body may be trying to warn you.
  2. Do one nice thing for yourself every day – Feel like a massage? A facial? Maybe just an extra cup of coffee? Do ONE thing to bring a smile to your face, every day.
  3. Create daily mental check ins – Don’t get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that you forget to check in with yourself. Ask yourself what your stress levels are, what you need, and how you’re feeling. Simply putting a name to the feeling might help identify what you need. Sounds simple, but it makes a difference!
  4. Eat your veggies – Yes, we do sound like your mom. Yes, she has a point.
  5. Get in your daily movement- Sometimes a little fresh air is enough to clear your head and come up with a clear plan of action, cool down, or just think about your to do list for the day. When fresh air isn’t an option our corporate wellness clients love to get in some yoga or zumba to release pent up energy from sitting all day.

Regardless of how you do it, take this month to be extra aware of your self care routine (do you have one? What is it lacking? What can you do better?) and see how it makes a difference in your wellness.