Remember back in February/March when everything was getting shut down because of COVID-19 and no one thought it would last very long? We’ve heard of several corporate offices that have decided they won’t be bringing back their employees to work in-office until NEXT YEAR. Mind-blowing huh? Given this, it’s not surprising that we’ve stopped asking ourselves “when things will get back to normal” and started asking ourselves “what IS the new normal?”


Unfortunately, part of our new normal is decreased activity levels. According to this article on Wellable, research that shows that in the first 10 days of the virus being declared a global pandemic, the daily step activity of smartphone users worldwide dropped 5.5%. Within the first 30 days, worldwide daily step activity experienced a drop of close to 28%. These drops in activity can likely be attributed to some variation and change in smartphone usage, but also are heavily impacted by business closures and the significant alteration of many people’s daily routines.



This presents a conundrum. In an age where our health is more important than ever, our global health is actually declining. There is one silver lining though: in an effort to find our “new normal,” digital wellness programs have seen exponential growth as businesses and individuals alike realize that now more than ever before it’s important to prioritize our health and wellness.

As part of our new normal, we’re working with our existing corporate clients who have transitioned over from onsite wellness services to digital services to counteract the sedentary effects from changes in routine, as well as new corporate clients who are determined to help their employees come out of the global pandemic with even better health than before.

P.S. Exercise isn’t the only component necessary for optimal health. Stress relief is crucial too! That’s why we’re offering a special gift this month to help you relax. Check out the blog posted on the 5th of this month to redeem yours. 😊