Did you know that Father’s Day last weekend was also World Yoga Day? Did you do yoga with your favorite dad? No? Well…that’s a shame.


According to the American Osteopathic Association Yoga has many physical and mental benefits including:

  • weight reduction
  • greater flexibility
  • increased muscle strength and tone
  • enhanced positivity
  • improved ability to manage stress
  • sharpened concentration


These benefits come with regular practice of yoga. That is, don’t expect to do one 20-minute session and have the flexibility of a gymnast and the mind of a Buddhist. As with most things in life, consistency is key, and immediate gratification is not to be expected. However, these long-term benefits are worth the wait.

Harvard Health explains two additional benefits from the practice of yoga: a better body image and becoming a more mindful eater. In today’s world of photoshopped models and an abundance of cheap, calorie-dense and nutrient-poor food, these two benefits alone could be crucial to your physical and mental health.

Especially in today’s stressful climate (ongoing pandemic, incoming recession, etc.), yoga could be a hugely impactful addition to your weekly routine. For that reason, we are offering yoga to our corporate wellness clients as one of our 4 core virtual wellness services. In order to be productive and engage employees, employees must care for their physical and mental health first. Our clients realize this, and want to lend a helping hand to their employees, even in the midst of working remotely.


In April, we ran a free Wellness Wednesdays series where anyone got to take a look at our virtual wellness offerings. Here you can find the link to the sample yoga class. Enjoy!