BIG NEWS this week! We have received the green light from Miami-Dade County, and our massage studio is finally able to reopen. We’re currently welcoming back our clients who are looking forward to some much-needed de-stressing.


This got us thinking about how stressed the world really is right now and how bad that is for our health. Stress weakens our immune system….and a weakened immune system is the last thing you need during a global pandemic. In fact, the best defense against Covid-19 (besides social distancing and personal hygiene of course) is a strong immune system.

The best way to secure a strong immune system? Proactive health.


Right now the world is very fixated on reactive health and for good reason; there’s a lot of focus on the medical community right now. However, we wanted to bring some focus back to the forgotten aspects of health: the things you can do before something is actually wrong. Earlier this year we published a blog predicting 2020 to be the year of Proactive Wellness, having no idea how relevant that prediction would actually be.


2020 really IS the year to turn our focus to proactive self-care and stay healthy by engaging in preventative and stress-reducing activities, like massage! As we enter our new normal, with a reactive solution to our problem still unknown (aka, a vaccine and/or cure), the only thing we can currently do is strengthen our odds against the problem ever occurring in the first place through a combination of preventative measures to keep our whole body and mind healthy, such as:

  • reducing stress
  • eating healthy and nutritious foods
  • getting plenty of sleep
  • engaging in mindfulness and regular exercise


In honor of proactive health, we look forward to helping you de-stress with a massage at our studio, where we’ve taken preventative measures of our own to help ensure your safety.