Our motto this month at Healing Hands is “cautious optimism”. Here in Miami Dade it looks like things are getting close to opening up. However, most of us are still working from home.


Working from home comes with its own unique challenges depending on your specific situation. Are you working from home by yourself? Do you have your kids with you? Is your significant other present? Everyone’s circumstances are different, so your approach should be tailored to your specific needs. Here are some quick tips we can offer you depending on your situation:


If you’re working from home with little ones

Those of you who have kids know that when it comes to parenthood, being flexible is crucial! With the little ones at home there is unfortunately much less predictability to your schedule and you are pretty much guaranteed  to get interrupted on a conference call, or have to clean up a mess in the middle of the work day, or have to play cafeteria cook during your lunch break. By being flexible and adaptable you can avoid unnecessary stress. Cut yourself some slack, you’re doing your best.


If you’re working from home alone

The most important thing here is to remain connected. Prioritize family and friends even if they can’t be present with you. Make time for video chats and phone calls. A really great thing to do is go for a walk while making your daily phone calls to loved ones. This way you get fresh air and a daily dose of connection.




If you’re working from home with your partner

This situation calls for one very special keyword: BOUNDARIES. It’s incredibly important to set limits with your partner so that no one feels like their workspace and/or schedule is being infringed on, and both of you can comfortably get your work done. Additionally, make sure to stick to a schedule and keep up a good work/life balance, making sure to schedule not only meetings but also quality time with each other.


Let’s keep up the cautious optimism, and we’ll see you on the other side of #Rona2020!