So…we’re approaching mid-April, and the global pandemic is still on-going. Among so many other things, this means that gyms everywhere are closed. For some of us, this means that our routines have been strongly impacted. However, just because you can’t attend your favorite group exercise class, or get a workout in at your local gym, DOES NOT mean that you should be letting your health and wellness (and daily movement) suffer.

In fact, this may be an opportunity to get creative, and discover new budget-friendly ways to get in your daily movement even once things are back to normal!

Here are some easy ways to stay active during the pandemic and while working from home:

1. Daily walks-Maybe have your morning coffee while you walk! Just make sure to practice social distancing and make sure it’s allowable within your area’s guidelines.

2. Take the stairs-If you have stairs in your home/apartment complex/etc, try to take them multiple times a day, aim for a certain amount of of “floors” climbed a day and track them.

3. Get some bikes-Try taking your bike to the grocery store next time for a great way to multitask.

4. HIIT-High Intensity Interval Training is an intense form of exercise that can be done with little to no equipment, in as little as 10-15 minutes, so it’s a fantastic way to burn calories and stay active from the comfort of your home.

5. Our digital wellness classes-If you and your employees need a little bit of group motivation to stay active together, consider checking in for our Wellness Without Walls  April series. Every Wednesday during the month of April we’re giving you a free sneak peek at our digital wellness classes that can help you stay active. Today (April 15), we do yoga!

P.S. Any of these can be done during your lunch break for the day. This way, once you’re off the clock you’re ready to relax!