Happy happy Wednesday, folks! Also, happy Random Acts of Kindness Week. Didn’t know this was a thing? We didn’t either. But now that we do, we’re big fans. A “random act of kindness” is a popular name for an unexpected (from the view of the recipient) act of kindness that usually doesn’t benefit the other person in any way, and is out of the norm.

But at Healing Hands, we feel that random acts of kindness should be the norm – or at least, the new norm to strive towards. Especially for people like you: business owners, HR managers, etc.

After all, you are responsible for your employees’ well-being at work. Personally, I know that any acts of kindness make a big difference in my day. They make me feel seen, and like I matter.

Gettysburg College reports that the average American will spend 90,000 hours of their lifetime at work. Don’t we owe it to the employees who keep our businesses running to make those 90,000 hours as pleasant as possible?

If the statistics are not convincing enough to motivate you towards some kind acts for your employees this week, we’ll let you in on a little secret.

Your “random” acts of kindness don’t have to be totally selfless.

Our employee wellness programs will create joy and reduce stress for your employees. In the process, they will also save you money in the form of lower retention and turnover costs, and make them more productive because they are happy, healthy, and committed to your organization where they feel cared for.