Recently, we came across this great article by TalentCulture about the coming 2020 trends for health and wellness in the workplace. This week we wanted to share some interesting findings with you, so that YOU can stay on top of your company’s wellness corporate solutions and make sure they are meeting the needs of today’s workforce. After all, we pride ourselves on helping you retain happier and healthier employees. 


Here are some questions the article does a great job of answering:

Q: What kind of benefits are becoming more relevant/in demand? 

A: Millennials and Generation Z are currently entering the workforce (and beginning to dominate it). These populations are focused on holistic health benefits. This means that there is an expectation for employers to address all aspects of care, including mind and body components. 

Q: What is becoming the new focus? 

A: There is a growing focus on mental health and stress reduction. As the working world becomes more stressful, the demand for employer assistance grows. This survey by ClassPass found that a whopping 78% of professionals have experienced burnout in their career. This means it is crucial that your corporate health management plan includes something to address this. 

Q: How do we know if we’re meeting employee needs? 

A: We know what kind of employee wellness programs are supported by current research, but we also know that no two organizations are the same. Conducting an annual (or more frequent) review that factors in employee feedback, engagement, and productivity can provide you with what you need to know to make sure you are meeting the needs of your employees. However, it’s important to plan on actively adjusting wellness programs based on the feedback you receive to make employees feel heard and valued. 

Luckily, when it comes to holistic employee wellness in 2020, at Healing Hands we’ve got you covered!