Last year we covered how to set effective New Year’s Resolutions (a huge shout out to those of you who have been with us for that long!). This year, we’re talking about what KIND of New Year’s Resolutions you should even be making in the first place. 

Most people set New Year’s Resolutions that will yield some kind of tangible result at the end of the year: X amount of pounds lost, X amount in your savings account, number of vacations taken, number of books read…etc. Naturally, we want to be able to look back and quantify what we have accomplished. We want to be able to link cause and effect, and identify a direct correlation between efforts and results. 

However, this year we have a proposition for a unique kind of New Year’s Resolution. The kind that may be a little harder to quantify and correlate, but will yield arguably the BIGGEST results. This year, try making a New Year’s Resolution that deals with your mental and/or spiritual health. 

Just think…what could you accomplish if you were mentally and spiritually fit? 

If your mental health is in check, chances are you’ll have more energy and motivation and therefore remain more active, which equals more pounds lost. You might spend less on unnecessary things that you may have otherwise purchased while looking for happiness or comfort in the wrong places, and therefore save more.

…catch my drift? 

By focusing on your mental and spiritual health, you’ll make all your other resolutions not only possible, but easier. 

Our belief in holistic health is precisely why we offer corporate wellness services beyond just the physical, such as mindfulness meditation. 

Here’s to a new decade that’s healthy in all the ways that matter most.  Cheers!