We love to share interesting health and wellness tidbits we come across, so this week we have an article by Live Happy magazine to share.

This article made us think differently about toxicity in the workplace. Specifically, it made us think about the absence of toxicity and the implications of positivity.

Essentially, the article summed up the 2019 SHRM Omnibus Survey that found that simply having a bad workplace culture actually cost businesses money (billions!) over the past five years. Toxicity in the workplace was found to cause high employee turnover and dissatisfaction which in turn led to higher costs in the workplace due to lost productivity.

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An interesting statistic we read was that 3 out of 10 respondents indicated that workplace toxicity carried over into their home.

So, we know that workplace toxicity causes you, the employer, unneeded expenses as well as unnecessary tension for the employee in their home. What if we thought about the inverse of this? Will positivity carry over to the bottom line and into the employee’s home?

We think yes. So how do we go about creating that positivity?

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The article offers some suggestions. Two of the most important ones being:

  • Listen to employees
  • Lead by example

As an authority figure, it is up to you to make decisions that will create enjoyment and positivity in the workplace (we have a couple of suggestions on how to do that!). In addition, listening carefully to what employees value, need, and want is the best way to create positivity.