When you think of practicing yoga, chances are that you think of a secluded beach, or a quiet and empty room with peaceful music playing… something like that.

But what about a conference room? Or your office break room? These are just some of the places that could be the perfect spot for your daily yoga practice. Allow us to explain.

We call it office yoga. Imaginative name, right? It is just what it sounds like: yoga in the office.

But isn’t yoga supposed to be relaxing? YES. And this is exactly where the unique challenge lies for office yoga.

Depending on the size of your company workspace, there may not be a separate room that you can utilize for things like a workday yoga class or a Pilates session (just some of the corporate wellness services we offer). In fact, there may be people still working around you while the class goes on. But don’t give up on the idea just yet. All this means is that it’s important to choose the right office yoga teacher.

yoga mat

A good office yoga teacher will be able to utilize awkward spaces, prioritize the relaxation and enjoyment of participants, and set proper boundaries with the employees still working and not participating so as not to interrupt their work. Lucky for you, we employ a phenomenal team of practitioners who are dedicated to our mission: helping people work happier and healthier and be more productive. This means we have your entire company’s comfort, health, and productivity in mind with everything we do.

So is office yoga worth the challenges that come with it? Absolutely.

This study in the Journal of Occupational Psychology showed that mind-body stress reduction programs in the workplace were effective not only for reducing work-related stress, but also for improving sleep quality!

Office yoga can be challenging to pull off, but the benefits far outweigh the challenges, and at Healing Hands we are up for the challenge. Aside from the fact that it reduces stress, it may also be even more enjoyable for employees than your average gym studio yoga class. Not only will it be a welcome break from sitting in a chair for hours, but it will also be a great opportunity for people to bond with their coworkers and take part in a fun activity surrounded by like-minded people. Contact us for a complimentary consultation of how we can help bring yoga to your workplace.