As the weather continues to cool down, we urge you to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather while it lasts!  After all, winter is coming (that’s for you Game of Thrones fans). Once the winter weather rolls around, it will be a LOT harder to get yourself off the couch and out from under the blankets. So for now, let’s enjoy the outdoors and this beautiful time of year while keeping our wellness in mind (as always).

fall foilage

Here are some ways to prioritize your wellness and still take advantage of the fall weather:

  1. Walk for a cause – Find a cause…any cause. Pick an initiative that speaks to you and walk for the cause! This can be a fun activity for the whole family or even a unique date. After all, nothing says quality time like 3 miles of uninterrupted leisure time with your partner.
  2. Bike to work/the grocery store – If your excuse for not walking or biking to nearby places like your local coffee shop/grocery store/work/etc. is that you don’t want to arrive all sweaty (it IS a valid reason)…well, this time of year you have no excuse! The beautiful weather means there is no time like the present to bundle up and get those steps in while running your daily errands.
  3. Nature walk – Again, we’re trying to stay active here! So getting those steps in while doing things you need to do anyway (like grocery shopping) is one way to do that. However, an arguably more enjoyable way would be to visit your local parks and trails and go on an intentional nature walk. Note: this can also be a GREAT time to pause and practice some moments of mindfulness.
  4. Take a stroll through a new city – if nature isn’t totally your cup of tea, then consider going sightseeing in a new city. Research downtown areas or artsy towns nearby and take a day trip! Just taking a walk in a new place and visiting local stores for some light shopping (don’t forget to support local businesses!) can be a wonderful way to stay active and enjoy your weekend while you’re at it.

As always, there’s one other way for you to jump into fall fitness: set up a Healing Hands corporate wellness event for your company and request that your bootcamp or yoga class (or really any of our fitness classes) be held outside.