At Healing Hands, the core of what we do is bring health and wellness plans for employees. This means we’re always brainstorming ways to help YOU do the same. This week, we want to propose a nifty idea: a wellness-themed corporate lunch and learn.

While lunch and learns are widely common, they typically center around some new software or industry trend that is important for employees to learn. Rarely do they center around important health topics or life skills.

Things like healthy eating habits, stress management tips, or the importance of exercise are topics left uncovered by typical corporate lunch and learns. This promotes wellness in the workplace. 

Here are some reasons why we think combining this widely used practice with a wellness-related topic would benefit your company and your employees:

  1. It would facilitate increased participation in the company wellness program: By sharing practical information on health-related topics, you’ll be shining a light on many neglected problem areas for busy employees (for example, healthy eating vs. McDonald’s for lunch, stress management, etc). If the information is paired with a presentation of your company’s health and wellness incentives and services, this could be the push your employees need to start taking advantage of the corporate wellness programs.
  2. It will promote connection and camaraderie: As you know, true health is not only in the body, it begins in our mind. Healthy human connection is crucial for stress management and mindfulness, and a lunch and learn can help foster friendships at your company.
  3. It’s a way of sharing information your employees will actually register: Lifewire reports that the average worker receives 121 emails a day. Do you really think sending out a weekly email with your health and wellness content is the most effective way to get a message across to your employees? Try something more interactive, and reap the wellness programs

In addition, we suggest walking the walk. If you host a lunch and learn on the importance of healthy eating, back it up by offering healthy snacks in the employee cafeteria.  If you speak about stress management and how mindfulness can help, follow it up with bringing mindfulness to the workplace and giving employees a chance to practice what they’ve learned! A great way…our mindfulness classes of course. Let us know how we can help YOU bring company wellness programs to your workplace.

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