Chronic stress is a widespread epidemic in today’s workforce. In fact, according to APA’s 2009 Stress in America survey, 47% of all adults lie awake at night because of stress. How crazy is that?!

Whether it’s stress about deadlines at work, your health, or just how to balance it all, chances are you’ve experienced periods of chronic stress in your life. The problem is…this isn’t just bad for your psyche. It’s actually really bad for you physically as well. It can lead to an unintentional gain or loss in weight, digestive problems, chronic depression, anxiety, brain fog, insomnia, and more health problems.

Unfortunately, stress is unavoidable in our world. However, it is certainly manageable. By introducing these mindfulness tips into your life, you can not only reduce the psychological effects of stress, but also the physical toll that it takes.

Mindfulness Tips to Manage Chronic Stress

First, let’s discuss the simplest mindfulness technique out there: breathing exercises. For a detailed guide on how to do the easiest one of these, click here. Essentially, you just turn your attention to your breathing, and focus on that while drowning everything else out. This works particularly well in the midst of a stressful moment, and can be done anytime, anywhere.

Next, streamline your workflow! Namely, focus on one thing at a time. How many times have you been working on a task, while actively thinking of the NEXT task you have to do while also stressing out about all the other things you have to do? This stops now! Mindfulness is simply focusing on the here and now; being fully present in the moment. Focus on one task, finish it, and move on. You’ll be surprised at how much more productive – and less stressed – you’ll be.

Mindfulness Tips to Manage Chronic Stress

Finally, make sure to put yourself first in the long run, because no one else will. It’s up to YOU to look out for your health, happiness, and mental wellbeing. Prioritize activities that help you feel more at peace and express gratitude. Things like journaling, exercising, eating nutritious foods, and spending quality time with loved ones should not be pushed to the side due to stress about other factors. Because guess what? You’ll end up stressed about that too.

If you need some help implementing mindfulness into your daily life, we’ve got your back. Our corporate wellness programs include mindfulness classes we bring to you at work, so that you feel relaxed and ready for the rest of your day!

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