3 Simple Ways to Stay Active Every Day

 Let’s be realistic: nobody has time to hit the gym every…single…day. It might not be realistic for you at this point in time. So, what to do during the workweek if you can only make those weekend workouts, and you’re stuck sitting around all week?

When it comes to most things, but especially when it comes to staying active, there’s one thing you should keep in mind: little changes add up. So, the goal here is to make many small and consistent changes, that will add up in your health bank over time.

So, here are three simple ways to stay active every day even if you work crazy hours:

  1. Invest in a standing desk and/or replace your chair with a yoga ball. By sitting on a yoga ball you’ll be forced to stabilize your core and also fidget more, which will in turn burn more calories than if you were just sitting perfectly still in a regular desk chair. A standing desk is even better. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, here are some desk friendly exercises you can do.

closeup of woman on cell phone

2. Make a walking/standing rule. Anyone can say, “I’m going to walk more”. But as the day goes on, it’s easy to forget that morning promise. However, if you make it a rule, chances are it will become a habit quickly. The key is attaching it to another habit. Think: “I will pace around my cubicle every time I take a phone call” or “I will take a 2-minute walking break every time I get a drink of water”.

watching Netflix

3. Sneak in movement during TV time. Here’s another good “rule” to make. Every commercial break, get up and do a couple air squats, sit ups, push ups, etc. If you’re streaming and have no commercials (or even if you do), consider doing a whole workout while you watch! Trust me, it will go by fast while you’re fixated on which bachelorette likes who (is that even how it works?).

Lastly, we can’t let you forget that THIS IS WHAT WE DO. Our goal is to help YOU stay active and healthy every day. Check out our corporate wellness programs for all the ways in which we bring movement right to your workplace.