Happy 4th of July!  In between all the many festivities today and this
weekend, don’t forget to pause and take a moment to really think about what the
occasion celebrates.
 This is a good
opportunity to practice mindfulness.
 Really appreciate
everything you have, as we are incredibly lucky to live in a country that
allows us so much freedom.


Think about it: we get to choose
who we are, and how we live.  Our passion
here at Healing Hands is wellness, so we wanted to take a moment to remind you
today that being healthy is a CHOICE, and it’s one that you can make every day.
 Luckily, you live in the USA, which
means you get to do so freely.
Don’t get me wrong, we’re not
saying you should skip the burger at your weekend cookout and go for a salad
instead.  Quite the opposite, actually.  Today, you get to CHOOSE to have that burger,
because having a great time with friends and family over the long weekend and
making memories are worth a few extra calories.  And tomorrow, you get to choose again.  And the day after that!  You have the freedom to make your own choices
– healthy and unhealthy.


This weekend is a celebration of
independence and freedom.  That is no
small thing.  So, we wanted to take a
moment to pause and be thankful for our freedom to choose, and our freedom to
look after our mental, physical, and spiritual health in whatever way we see
fit.  We hope you do so as well.
As always, if you want to take a
first step towards a healthier you, we
are here to
.  From all of
us at Healing Hands, happy 4th of July!
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