Happy Sunday!  It’s officially June, which means it’s Men’s Health Month.
The purpose of Men’s Health Month is to
heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early
detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.  This initiative is anchored by a congressional
health program, while the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office
on Women’s Health sponsors a women’s health week in May.  Wait a
…men get the entire month of June and women get a single week in May…?  That may be a little uneven, but that’s a
talk for another day…just sayin’.

On average, men die younger than women, are less
to be insured, and die at higher rates
from nine of the
10 causes of death
.  In fact, significantly more men die of cancer,
ischemic heart disease, and suicide.  The top cancer among men in the U.S. is Prostate
.  More
than 170,000 men a year are diagnosed, and about 30,000 a year die from
prostate cancer.  While there genetic
factors that contribute to someone’s tendency to develop these conditions,
there are also things that are under your control that can influence your
General self-care like maintaining a healthy
diet and a regular physical activity regimen can go a long way to preventing
heart disease, cancer, depression, and a number of other factors that lead to the
top 10 causes of death.  Also important?  You guessed it, massage!  Here’s how: we’ve
mentioned several times that massage has numerous
like reducing blood pressure and easing
depression.  These conditions are often
the precursors to some of the causes of death previously mentioned like
cardiac disease and suicide.  See?  It’s all interrelated when it comes to your

This June, let that special man in your life
(father, son, husband, mailman, etc.) know that you care about their health,
and they should too (not-so-fun fact: men visit health care providers at
lower rates than women).  Give the
gift of health with a gift certificate for one of our
massages today!
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