We all know that a relaxing massage is great for lowering
stress, but how great would it be to get a massage with the goal to reduce
while at work?  Enter our corporate wellness
  They are proven to reduce stress
and are designed to be efficient and effective.
 We know you’re busy, but we want to help you
be relaxed
and better focused
while you’re busy
are some highlights that demonstrate just some of the effects on employees our
corporate services can bring:
Chair massage
Again, it’s no secret that massages alleviate stress.  But while at work you probably don’t have an
hour to spend splurging on a massage.  Good news,
studies have found that even a brief 15-minute chair massage during
work hours (ahem, we have that
covered) once a week can lower stress.
Mindfulness Meditation 
Evidence suggests that MBIs (mindfulness-based interventions)
are an alternative method of improving workplace performance and environment.  
This study found that a 6 week long mindfulness training course improved
attention at work, decreased work-life conflict, and even improved job
satisfaction.  This suggests that our
mindfulness meditation sessions might be a great option for long-term employee
satisfaction and even a tool for stress reduction!

examined a group of government office
workers in Great Britain and found that the group that was instructed to
perform yoga exercises for 50 minutes a week experienced not only less stress,
but much less back pain, greater concentration, more peace of mind, and even
increased confidence.  Seems like a
win-win to me!
Pilates and Zumba
on the relative benefits of cardiovascular
and resistance exercise to reduce work place burnout reports that “after four
weeks of exercise participants had greater positive well-being and personal
accomplishment, and concomitantly less psychological distress, perceived
stress, and emotional exhaustion.”  Pilates is a form of resistance exercise, and
Zumba is a form of cardiovascular exercise.  The result?  A well-rounded exercise program that will help
you feel better and more relaxed at work. 

Check out this
we wrote all about our acupuncture corporate wellness program.  One of the highlights?  You guessed it: reduced stress.
Healing Hands has a well-rounded and most importantly evidence-based corporate
wellness program.  Don’t forget to talk
to your employer (or employees) about implementing one or of all our corporate
wellness solutions at your institution for skyrocketing productivity, and
incredibly reduced stress!

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