May is national Osteoporosis month. According to the National Osteoporosis
, by age 50 about half of all women and 25% of men will
break a bone due to osteoporosis.  This
is a disease in which bones become weaker and thinner, putting you at an
increased risk for fractures.  While
there are genetic predispositions, lifestyle choices such as proper exercise
and nutrition also factor into the development of the disease.
The good news is, osteoporosis can not only be prevented (to
a degree), but also managed.  One way to manage
the pain of Osteoporosis is through…massage!  Massage therapy can help osteoporosis by
promoting relaxation, increasing movement, improving posture, providing pain
relief, and increasing joint health.

An educated massage therapist will make sure to first
focus on relaxation and assess the health of your joints and tissues.  They should use gentle movements and avoid
deep tissue work to emphasize a healthy range of motion.  To relieve the pain and stiffness that comes
with chronic pain, some Swedish massage techniques can also be used to enhance
blood circulation to the affected structures.
There are also several other considerations for
osteoporosis massage, such as positioning clients for comfort, placing pillows
under their trunk or back, and avoiding mobilization techniques or flexion
exercises that stress the bones.

In short, while massage therapy can be very beneficial to
someone suffering from osteoporosis, it is important to have a skilled massage
therapist who will carefully examine your intake form and joint health before
beginning.  Luckily, at Healing Hands we
have massage therapists skilled in providing pain relief.  Schedule your
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