Sometimes you just need a vacation, BADLY.  That’s why this past week my husband and I
took a much-needed vacation to California.
 We spent 10 days there, during which we not
only relaxed but also packed in a TON of activity, which included some time in
San Francisco.
In San Francisco we went for a 13-mile bike ride. Yeah, you read that right (ow, my quads!).  The ride took us through the city, up and over
the Golden Gate Bridge, up to a vista point, and then down to
where a ferry thankfully brought us back to San Francisco.  The bike I rode was technically an electric bike, but I would call it more of a…hybrid.
 It did have a bit more of a kick with
each pedal, but man, you still had to work HARD.
When I got back to San Francisco and realized just how much my quads were killing me,
I decided to treat myself to a good massage/stretching session.  I promptly looked up Thai Massage places on
Yelp and got a same-day appointment at a place not too far from our hotel.  
Upon arrival, I was greeted warmly with a cup of tea,
which left me with a great first impression.  However,
when I was led to my room, the hallway was very dark, the room was
undecorated, and I was left waiting for a long time for the massage therapist
to come (now I was less happy).
But then, my therapist arrived.  As soon as she started asking questions, I
knew she had actually read my intake
form.  This in turn led to a GREAT
MASSAGE.  It was a nice mix of
deep-tissue, and stretching techniques, and lasted a full 60 minutes (not the
common 50-minute hour).
My takeaways from this experience are that first
impressions are important, and the frills of a decorated room don’t really
matter as long as your session actually
makes you feel better.
Self-care is something I preach to all my clients, and I like
to follow my own advice and get regular massages too.  This includes checking out other massage
places to not only treat myself but also see what we can do better at Healing
What’s your
favorite thing about Healing Hands?  What
do you love, and what can we improve?  Leave us a comment letting us know, and
your next appointment
to keep up with your self-care!
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