Did you know that here at Healing Hands we have not
one…not two…but THREE celebrity practitioners?  That’s right!  Get to know our local celebrities in this week’s

Williams (Pilates)
Vanessa is a certified STOTT Pilates Instructor and enjoys
teaching clients on the Mat or the Reformer.  She is also graduate of the C.H.E.K. Institute
and a Holistic Lifestyle Coach.  As a
young child, she was plagued with horrible allergies.  As she reached her 20’s, she discovered
Pilates and Holistic nutrition and was able to use both to heal herself from
within through lifestyle changes.  Through
this, she not only became allergy-free, but also discovered her life calling:
to educate people on managing weight, dealing with stress, and helping them
with any nutritional and/or physical challenges they may be facing.

says: “In my Pilates practice, I use a
holistic approach and I am very conscious of treating the body as a whole and
assessing lifestyle habits accordingly. 
Working with clients one-on-one or in a group setting allows me to share
my passion and that is what truly fulfills my heart.”
Jackson (mindfulness)
Janet is an award-winning author, public speaker, wife, and
proud mother of three kids.  She is also
a licensed Heartmath coach and Reiki Master, and is certified in the Law of
Attraction and Mindfulness.  She learned
to find inner peace by practicing mindfulness during her 20 years working with
ABC and CBS television networks in Los Angeles, and developed a passion for
sharing her knowledge of meditation and mindfulness techniques with other
organizations, including audiences worldwide as an online practitioner with
Janet says: “I firmly believe
that you can achieve inner peace, even in the middle of chaos.  This is the unwavering belief I teach in my
trainings, speeches, and coaching.”
Anderson (massage)
Pamela studied massage therapy at Florida
College of Natural Health and graduated in May 1997.  After massage school, Pam took a different
path and started working in the post-production industry, but she always longed
to start her own massage business.  In
2002, she took the leap and started working in the industry that she loves.  Pamela has
always had a passion for helping others, and she loves working with people who
are stressed out or injured, as well as athletes, children, elderly clients,
and people dealing with serious health concerns such Multiple Sclerosis and
Cancer.  She has worked in various
chiropractor offices and spas throughout Miami.  She is skilled in various massage modalities
including Swedish, deep tissue, and lymphatic drainage, and specializes in
prenatal & infant massage, and oncology massage. 
Pam says: “I want to
help you feel better and increase your quality of life!”
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