Release Technique (CRT)
is one of the many massage
we offer here at Healing Hands Miami.  This service may be less immediately
recognizable than something like a relaxing massage or a deep tissue massage,
but offers a host of benefits you
don’t want to miss out on.  So what is it

In short, cranial release technique is a short treatment
(often lasting only a minute or two) that aims to “release” the cranial bones
(the 22 bones that make up the head) by correcting and restoring proper
movement to them, which in turn triggers a realignment of the tissues and
structures associated with the cranium, such as the spine, the fascia, and the extremities
(arms, legs, shoulders, etc).

The treatment developed out of the research initiated from
the discoveries of Dr. William G.
, who discovered that the bones that make up our cranium
actually move, and that this movement
is responsible for proper function of the nervous system and optimal health.  This alignment can become distorted due to
factors like chronic stress, and the distortion throws off our body’s innate
ability to heal, while maintaining our bodies in a constant state of stress
otherwise known as the “fight or flight” response.

CRT can restore the gentle movement to the bones of the
head known as the cranial pulse, with the ultimate goal of triggering the
aforementioned release and realignment of all the affected structures and
effectively shifting the body out of “fight or flight” and back to “rest and
digest,” a balanced state where it can focus on healing and being well.

If you feel like you suffer from chronic stress (and
unfortunately, most of us do), CRT can help.  CRT has been shown to decrease heart rate
variability (a medical marker of stress) and to have positive effects in
reversing this abnormal stress response. 
Intrigued?  CRT can
be added to any service given by Healing Hands founder Anastasia Yecke Gude (currently
Anastasia is the only practitioner with this accreditation, having studied with
Dr. William Doreste in 2012).  And
remember, with our All-Inclusive Massage there is never an upcharge!  Book your session


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