Americans love their cup of Joe. 54% of Americans over 18 drink coffee every day. The average level of consumption is just over three 9 oz cups a day, which is roughly equivalent to 331mg of caffeine. This puts the average consumption (meaning that many people would have to consume over this amount to balance out the mean) dangerously close to the upper limit of what appears to be safe (400mg a day).
For many people, coffee is a part of their daily routine.  It keeps them awake, alert, and chases away the fatigue. But is there a safer way to accomplish this? Absolutely! There are tons of safer, natural ways to improve energy levels. However, the underlying theme is this: take care of your body, and it will reward you for it. By making sleep a priority, adopting a healthy balanced diet, making sure to get in daily movement and adequate levels of exercise weekly, you should see a change in energy levels almost immediately.
There is one additional component that can’t be forgotten: mental health. The mind is a powerful thing, and feelings of depression or overwhelming stress can easily cause you to feel fatigued and foggy and have you reaching for that fourth cup of coffee in no time, so managing stress and depression is critical in managing your energy levels. 
Basically, coffee can still be an enjoyable part of our day, but we should be careful not to overdo it as it can come with some pretty unpleasant side effects.  Instead, emphasize the components of a healthy lifestyle and reap the benefits that come with it – including increased energy and focus!
Need help kickstarting your energy? Massage can give you the best of both worlds. Not only can it increase energy by reducing the symptoms that cause fatigue (including stress and depression), but it also improves sleep and decreases pain and muscle recovery – all things that leave your body and mind feeling refreshed.