The only thing better than being in the middle of a massage is the sense of bliss afterwards.

To keep the afterglow going as long as possible, it is recommended to take it easy in the next several hours following your session, as well as to drink plenty of water.

 drink water
Our bodies are 60% water, and although we are lying down during the massage, our muscles are being manipulated to the point where a massage can be interpreted by the body as passive exercise, particularly in a deep tissue session.
Water helps flush out the toxins freed from our lymphatic systems and increase blood flow.  Blood requires proper hydration to flow freely.

Besides drinking water, your body will appreciate it if you eat something healthy afterwards.

A heavy meal might be tempting, but the body is still in recovery mode so it is best to skip a large dinner in favor of a light, nutritious snack.

The sleepy feeling, which sometimes accompanies the end of the massage, may result in you wanting to take a nap. If your schedule permits, by all means do so! Your body is in “rest and recovery” mode and sleep is a welcome addition to this healing process.

Conversely, it might be best to avoid starting an exercise regime in the hours following your session.

Muscles are lengthened and worked during a massage; any overly strenuous activity might result in injury. Nevertheless, a short walk with the dog might help to awaken you, but anything more is not recommended.

The most ideal situation would be to have a warm – not hot – bath afterwards. It will aid in muscle recovery, especially if Epsom salts are added as they increase circulation.
Enjoy the benefits of having a massage and do not forget to book your next appointment.